Smash-Espoo in English


Smash-Espoo is a part of Finland's biggest racketsport club, Smash. Smash-Espoo was founded in 2011, when our home, Olarin Tennishalli was built. Olarin Tennishalli is located between Olari and Suurpelto. We have almost 500 members and our skilled team of 13 coaches provide high-quality coaching. 

For children and teenagers, offer weekly tennis lessons, camps during holidays and competitions for every skill level. Over 240 junior practice in our weekly groups.

For adults we have weekly lessons, intesive courses and competitions. You can also have private lessons from our coaches. Over 180 adults practice weekly with our coaches.

You´re welcome to join our club and enjoy tennis!

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: