Espanjalainen padelvalmentaja Cristian aloittaa valmentamisen maaliskuussa Myllypurossa

1.3.2017 klo 06:00


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Tietoja Cristianista:


Hello, my name is Cristian Monfort and I am 24 years old. I am from Benicarló, a small town between Barcelona and Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. I have a university degree on Primary Education Teacher, but currently I work as a Tennis and Padel teacher. I consider myself a calm, patient and sociable person who likes to work as a team. I really like to play sports, so I'm quite an active person.


I started to play tennis when I was 5 years old and continued till I was 17. From the age of 17 I started to play Padel and that is my main sports activity nowadays. When I was 16 years old I started to give tennis lessons in my city's Tennis Club. It was two years ago when I started to give Padel lessons in the same Club. I have given Padel and Tennis lessons for groups of kids and adults, and also individual lessons.


I came to Finland in the beginning of 2017 because I like new adventures and I think it’s a nice experience to get to know other cultures, new people and speak other languages different than Spanish. In addition, I think Finnish people is starting to be interested in this new and very fun sport which is Padel and I would be happy to be part of this and teach people how to improve their skills on this great sport.